The numbers game…
Social media followers we are a new business

If you have ever started your own company, there is always at least one to do list on the go. Excel spreadsheets for income to create, marketing and brand strategy to write, as well as websites to update, and now, the creation of content for social media platforms.

Whether that is gaining the infamous blue tick on Twitter, checking your new likes on your Instagram, a photo, to the number of Facebook likes each day. That’s not to mention analysing the numbers, checking when is the best time for you to post and the bane of our lives removing the continuing number of likes from girls showing us varying bare bum shots.

I know the importance of a credible social media trail (that’s part of my job), as well as how our business could soar with the right support from social interactions, but my question is am I really the only one who finds it at times stressful?

I’ve become addicted to tirelessly checking day and night if we have more followers, (that are real humans), or a sense of failure if my posts or photos don’t get as much traction. Not to mention a deep sense of upset when I check the next morning and our followers have decreased.

I’m a grown up. I know my clients are happy and I know we can pick up the phone to pretty much anyone in our field. So why do I become obsessed with people, (some whom we consider good friends), following us and re tweeting or liking?

Saturday night my teenage stepsons are on their phones. Faces a glow liking everything on Insta, but actually I look round the room and my partner is busy tweeting about everything sporting for our Twitter account and I’m hectically loading up photos that I like, (fingers crossed others do) of our last weeks events. It would seem that this is normal behavior. While we’re busy trying to keep up with the latest generation, they seem do it with ease. The world of business seems to have shifted up a gear. Social media is this gear.

I’m mid generation. Sometimes I’m even old school. I believe in picking up the phone. I also recently commissioned actual printed cards. People were aghast that I would even consider posting something ;) Sometimes I love the total interaction of social media and how people who we don’t know love our work. However, there are some times that I just want to be proud of what we deliver, run our event, love our smiley clients, and enjoy working with our talent without feeling a total failure because I only get one like.
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