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So who’s going to win the Premiership this year then? One thing to be learned from last year’s overwhelming underdogs, Leicester City, is that when you have a group of players who have teamwork, drive and unity, you have something that money simply cannot buy. Claudio Ranieri was fired from Chelsea for a lack of success not so long ago, only to return to the Premiership in emphatic fashion with a group of outsiders, under-achievers and also rans, to win the most coveted title in domestic football, and the respect and hearts of almost all onlookers. Who would dare to bet against him doing the same thing again? Speaking of hearts, the ‘tinker man’ achieved something that all managers and coaches alike want, but rarely achieve. The hearts and minds of the men he asked to go out and wage war on other teams. These players were together for every tackle. Pulling for each other like their lives depended on it. Leaving no quarter on the field, and expressing a hunger and desire that is usually only shown in the latter rounds and finals of cup matches. He managed to get them to compete like every game was a cup final for each and every game of the season. Who says that nice people don’t win?

Ranieri faces a new problem this season though. This season, the underdogs are champions, and have to win the race from the front this time. Everyone will want their scalp. Not so easy. Can they do it for a second time? With the reintroduction of Mourinho, the exciting prospect the ‘best in the business’ Pep Guardiola, offers, or the defensive genius of the new Chelsea Manager Antonio Conte. They are all here, they are all expecting to win, and they’ve been spending, big. Not to mention the ‘best of the rest’, Arsenal and Tottenham will have something to say about where the title will have its final resting place at the end of the 16-17 season.

It seems like the race for the title is going to be hotly contended.

Moral of the story, go drinking with Frank- Hide the mike ;)
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